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Deck Refinishing Omaha, NE: Paint or Stain?

Deck Refinishing Omaha, NE: Paint or Stain?

is one of those articles where we answer some of the most common questions we
receive from our clients and general inquiries. “Should I stain or paint my
deck?” You won’t believe how many times our team at Brash and Roll Painting has
come across this question. 

both painting and staining are viable options for your deck refinishing in
Omaha, Nebraska. They both offer unique flavors of beauty and reasonable
protection against the harsh exterior conditions. But still, you have to choose
one, so which one should you choose? 

this article, we discuss what to expect with both deck painting and staining,
and why one option might be the best for you compared to the other. Hopefully,
our insights will answer your question and help you make the right

we go; 

Deck Painting in Omaha, NE

painting mainly involves cleaning the deck, sanding off surface imperfections,
and applying a coat of paint designed for exterior wood. One of the best things
about painting is it offers virtually unlimited color options to choose from.
You can choose to match, coordinate, contrast, or accent your exterior paint

addition, paint is effective at covering surface imperfections like cracks,
stubborn stains, or unaesthetic knots in the wood. Paint also provides a
slightly superior level of surface protection compared to stain. 

the flip side, paint covers the natural beauty of the wood (the knots and
grains), and this might be a negative to some people. Applying paint to your
deck is also a generally permanent decision because it’s nearly impossible to
switch back to the staining option with amazing results. 

When Should You Repaint Your Deck?

painting might be a great option if you’re looking for a little more
flexibility with color options. Also, if you have an older deck that has
surface imperfections and flaws, you need to hide, consider painting. 

Deck Staining In Omaha NE

staining is a fairly common deck refinishing option in Omaha, especially for
new wooden decks. There are generally three types of stain based on their color
intensity, i.e., Solid stain, semi-transparent stain, and transparent

  • Solid stains: Solid stains create a darker, uniform look and cover most of the wood’s natural elements like paint. They provide the highest level of surface protection compared to the other two. 

  • Semi-transparent stains: Offering a touch of color but allowing the wood’s unique characteristics and patterns to shine through, semi-transparent stains provide weatherproofing and UV protection. They’re the most common types of exterior wood stains. 

  • Clear wood stains: This type of stain is best for high-end wood decks, such as rich cedar and redwood. In this case, you want to preserve the natural color of the wood and showcase its beauty. They provide the lowest level of surface protection, but some of them have UV protection as well as mold and mildew fungicides. 

When Should You Stain Your Deck?

staining might be your best option if your deck is still relatively new or at
least in superb physical condition. Also, if you highly appreciate the natural
beauty of the wood and would like to showcase it, consider repainting. However,
if you have an older deck with plenty of surface imperfections, consider the
painting option. 

The Bottom Line 

staining and painting are viable options for your deck finishing project in
Omaha, NE. If you need more color options or to cover surface imperfections,
choose painting. However, if you admire the natural beauty of the wooden deck,
consider a semi-transparent stain.

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