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5 Ways To Match Your Color When Interior Painting in Omaha, NE

5 Ways To Match Your Color When Interior Painting in Omaha, NE

5 Ways To Match Your Color When Interior Painting in Omaha, NE

In deciding to repaint an area of your interior, it sometimes happens that you would like to keep the same color that you had rather than choose a new color.

If you had somehow not kept track of the original paint that had been used or otherwise had no access to it - maybe the room was painted that way when you moved in and the previous owner hadn’t left the information - you need to find a match for the color at a paint supplier another way.

Here are five ways to match your color when interior painting in Omaha, NE

1. Eyeball And Approximate

The easiest and most often least accurate way to match your paint color is to have a good look at the paint color you’re trying to match, and then to have that color in mind when you go to the paint store.

Of course, you’re going to have to face the possibility that the paint that you ultimately get won’t be a perfect match for the interior paint that is already there - and there’s even a good chance that the paint that’s there doesn’t look like it once did as it may have faded over time.

That being the case, approximating it is certainly the easiest way to match your interior paint color.

2. Swatches From The Paint Store

A bit more time consuming but possibly well worth it - you can go to the paint store with the approximate color in mind and ask to see their selection of colors in swatch form.

These are strips of color that have the color printed on them.

What you do is to take a few of these with you that look like your interior paint color and when you get home, hold them up to the wall and see which of them most closely matches it.

From there you can go back to the store and get that paint.

3.Take A Photo

Another way to get a match for your interior paint color is to take a picture of the wall in question.

When you do this, it’s important to have the lighting right because if not, you may end up with a picture of a color that isn’t quite like what your eyes see.

Ideally you’ll want to have natural light come in, perhaps from a window or two, to light up the room and get the picture you take look good enough to take to the paint store and get a matching color.

4. App Match

If you have a smartphone, you can browse the app provider and get an app that can help you find a matching color.

There are certain apps made by paint companies as well as general color matching apps that will tell you what color you are looking at.

Once you get the match, you can take that information to the store to make an informed purchase.

5. Scrape And Analyze

Lastly, if you want a really good match for your paint color you should find a paint store that has the sort of equipment that can analyze paint samples.

Using a sharp tool, get a little bit of the paint off of the wall and put it into a small plastic bag or container to safely transport it to the paint store.

Once there, the store will be able to analyze the paint sample and either find you a matching paint if they can find such a match in their paint database or mix together a tint of paint that matches.

This is certainly the most accurate way to get the color that matches your interior paint color.