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7 Best Home Office Paint Colors to Improve Productivity

7 Best Home Office Paint Colors to Improve Productivity

Boosting your work productivity is more than just an extra cup of coffee (although that doesn't hurt!). You might just need a coat of paint! Most of us either have a home office, or we created a designated space for work in the last year. Working from home has become a new normal, so many have put more effort into creating a stylish, unique, productive space.

When it comes to creating a conducive workspace or home office, the paint color on the walls plays a major role. Does your home office need a refresh? If you're needing to create a space that inspires and cultivates a positive work environment, our team of color experts at Brush & Roll Painting rounded up some wall colors that will help! 


Home office with dark green walls

1. Dark green

You might be familiar with the fact that green paint colors create a natural, relaxing ambiance in any interior space. Dark green or forest green creates a cozy and calming feel that adds a bit of color to your home office space without overwhelming the room. If you want to open your space a little and create a sophisticated look, you can pair a dark green shade with neutrals and white.


Dark teal navy blue painted walls

2. dark blue

Looking for a luxurious and elegant look for your Omaha, Nebraska, home office? Dark teal or navy blue might just be the answer you’re looking for. This rich and glossy color creates feelings of positivity, confidence, and serenity. If you are going for modern elegance with a small pinch of color, nothing beats dark blue.


Home office with greige walls

3. greige

Greige is a rather sophisticated, relatively new color trend that combines beige and grey. It creates a warm ambiance while lending your home office a more modern look than the traditional beige. Greige is also quite easy to work with.

You can pair it with pretty much anything, and it won’t look out of place whether you want to create a modern, minimalist, or chic ambiance. Being a versatile earthy neutral, you can completely re-decorate your office in a year without the need to change the paint.


Gray painted home office walls

4. gray

You might have noticed how popular gray has gotten in the last few years as an interior paint color. It’s a perfect choice for creating a modern, natural ambiance, and it pairs perfectly with most colors and wood grains. Grays are well-known for evoking emotions of reliability, intelligence, organization, and reliability—which is exactly what you want in a home office.


Home office with off-white painted walls

5. Off-white

If you want the simplicity of white walls without the starkness of white, try a creamy off-white paint shade like Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. It's warmer than white and extremely versatile. Homeowners and professionals love working with off-white to create a dynamic yet tranquil space.


Home office with white walls

6. white

Ethereal white is certainly relaxing and can take on just about any interior design style. White walls allow you to get creative with additional decor and unique furniture, or have a minimalist workspace that lets your mind get inspired. We also love that white paint will instantly make your space appear larger so if you have a small home office or a shared space, white will reflect light and make your ceilings look higher.


Home office painted light blue

7. Light Blue

If you want to focus and feel relaxed, calm, and inspired at the same time, light blue is a perfect option that's not too bold but still great for those who love color in a space. Blue is incorporated into every interior design style: coastal, farmhouse, modern, transitional, minimalist, and more. 


Bottom Line

Interior painting is predominantly about combining creativity, design, and color. Your home office doesn’t have to be colorless or too formal. With a bit of creative color added during your next interior painting project, you can create a comfortable, vibrant, and elegant working space.

At Brush & Roll Painting, we know that home painting is a serious investment. We also believe that any paint job is only as good as the prep. If you want a quality paint job that will stand the test of time, give us a call at (402) 932-9764 or schedule an estimate online.