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What Makes A Cabinet Refinishing Project Price Increase?

December 28th, 2023 | 2 min read

By Kaylea Kuhlman

White kitchen cabinets with glass panels.

Cabinet refinishing can breathe new life into your kitchen or bathroom, offering a cost-effective way to revamp the aesthetics without breaking the bank. 

However, when receiving a quote for cabinet refinishing, you could find yourself more surprised by a higher-than-expected cost. Several factors contribute to these price variations, making it essential to comprehend what influences these quotes.

Brush & Roll Painting is a trusted, premiere Cabinet Refinishing company in Omaha, NE. Our attention to detail means your investment stands the test of time. While we have precise ranges of what the cost of your project may be, it could increase by a few factors.

In this article, we will discuss 6 reasons why your quote for Cabinet Refinishing might be higher than you expected. By reading this, you can better evaluate your project and know what goes into the price of your investment.

1. Cabinet Condition

The existing state of the cabinets plays a pivotal role in determining the refinishing cost. Cabinets with extensive damage, deep scratches, or requiring significant repairs will naturally require more time, effort, and materials to restore to their former glory. This work involves extensive cleaning, sanding, or stripping of old finishes.

This is an essential part of Cabinet Refinishing, as the finishers need a solid foundation to apply products. If this step is not done correctly, the imperfections will show right through the paint and will look like they haven’t improved.

2. Finish Choices

Dark brown upper kitchen cabinets

The finish you choose for your upcoming project may influence the price you pay.

Some finishes like a stain, solid color “paint”, or a clear coat are roughly an average price. Techniques like glazing or toning are usually an increased cost due to the extra layers and steps needed for the job.

Learn more about finishes for cabinets.

3. New Hardware

If you choose to replace your hardware, this will be an additional cost to the project. While new hardware will bring the transformation one step further, if you’re aiming to keep the cost down, it may be something to hold off on (at least for a little bit).

4. Additional Features

Cabinets with intricate designs, ornate details, or added features like decorative molding or glass panels will require more time and skill to refinish, contributing to a higher quote.

It’s important your finished work looks like it was professionally done. The time needed to do these details will make your investment worthwhile.

5. Necessary Repairs or Modifications

broken hinge on white cabinet door.

Any repairs or modifications needed before refinishing, such as fixing broken hinges, replacing damaged parts, or altering the cabinet structure, can add to the overall cost.

6. Unforeseen Complications

Sometimes, unexpected issues arise during the refinishing process, such as hidden damages or structural problems, which might necessitate additional work and expenses.

Ensure an accurate estimate

Understanding these factors can assist you in comprehending why a cabinet refinishing quote might be higher than anticipated. We recommend communicating openly with your estimator. Discuss specific requirements, and obtain a detailed breakdown of the quote that is specific to your project, so that you can ensure clarity and transparency in pricing.

Ultimately, while the cost might seem high- initially, investing in quality refinishing ensures durable, aesthetically pleasing cabinets that can significantly enhance the overall appeal and value of your home.

With Brush & Roll Painting, we strive to provide excellent workmanship and great communication every step of the way. To schedule an estimate with us, click the button below.


Next, learn about the cost of Cabinet Refinishing. Now that you know what could make the quote increase further, be sure you know all of the base factors of the original price. 

Kaylea Kuhlman

Kaylea is the Brush & Roll Painting Content Manager.