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Reimagining Chipped Cabinets: A Customer's Transformational Experience

Reimagining Chipped Cabinets: A Customer's Transformational Experience

At Brush & Roll Painting, we have been in business since 1996. Along the way, we got to work in hundreds of customers' homes, helping them become one step closer to their dream homes.

One of these amazing customers is Jeff and Stephanie Herr.

The couple moved into their home in the Omaha area around 2001. They lived in their home for quite some time before deciding to deal with a project in their home that had been on their to-do list for years. As the years went on, and the kids got older, Jeff and Stephanie knew this project needed done soon.

They felt their kitchen cabinets were outdated as the doors had vertical and horizontal lines engraved into the wood. They also thought the state of their cabinets looked horrible. The paint on their cabinets was chipping, making them difficult to clean stains off and it looked unappealing. 

Jeff could tell the cabinets were painted with woodwork or cabinet paint from the hardware store. The finish was getting softer and the damage was spreading across the doors. 

They knew they had to bite the bullet and end their chipping cabinets. Jeff and Stephanie had already looked at the cost of replacing the cabinets and knew they would be saving money by refacing and refinishing the cabinets instead.

After having his home's exterior painted by us, Jeff was confident in our detailed prep work process and trusted we would have a similar thorough process for his kitchen cabinets. 

The Herr family chose Fox Custom Cabinets to reface the cabinet doors to eliminate the outdated detailing in the old wood. The doors were then transferred to Brush & Roll Paintings’ shop for refinishing.

Our thorough prep work process for cabinet refinishing was no surprise to Jeff because it’s what he expected, but the cleanliness did. As he was signing up for a cabinet refinishing project, he was a little concerned about what was to come with a kitchen takeover and extensive sanding. 

However, Jeff was impressed with our high-quality materials, such as our sander, that left their home in an ideal state for his family. There was little dust left over due to the technology of the sander we use. The family got to use their kitchen easily throughout the week while the team was hard at work. 

Extra attention and detailed work to the cabinet doors in our shop at Brush & Roll Painting also made this possible. He is thankful for our temperature-controlled shop which kept the mess and fumes from his kitchen, garage, or yard. 

The family noticed a complete transformation when the cabinet doors were installed in the kitchen. As cabinets are one of the main features of a kitchen, they felt the whole space was refreshed. 

Jeff describes the feel of his new refinished cabinets as ones made in a factory, with a very smooth finish.

He said our process was easy and he could trust that the finished product would be durable.

The family is confident that the cabinet doors will last over 20 years. He knows that they are durable, valuable, and feel high-end. They also have noticed how much easier they are to clean now. Grease and stains wipe off quickly and easily with mild soap and water.

Friends and family are in awe when they see how the kitchen looks now, and it’s always fun getting such great compliments on what is now the favorite room in the Herr household. 

4 years later in 2023, they made the jump to reface and refinish the cabinets on their bathroom vanity. These cabinets were also chipping from previous cheap cabinet paint, and it was time for an update.

Luckily, the family knew the right company to call when it was time to refinish them. 




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