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Hiring a Painting Contractor in Omaha, NE: 5 Things to Look For

November 24th, 2019 | 2 min read

By Bill Carlson

Hiring a Painting Contractor in Omaha,
NE: 5 Things to Look For

As you may already know, a professional
painter saves time and money and offers high-quality, durable results -whether
you need exterior home painting, cabinet repaint, or interior painting in
Omaha, NE.

Finding a reliable, efficient, and
affordable panting contractor can, however, can be an uphill task.

Being stuck with a dishonest and slow contractor is quite a frustrating experience.

In this article, we will be sharing five
things to look for when hiring a residential painting contractor. Read on;

What to
Look for When Hiring a Painter

1. Painting Services Offered

What do you need to be painted or
stained? The wooden floor? Kitchen cabinets? Stucco exterior? Brick wall?
Three-story home?

While most residential painters can
handle pretty much any home painting project, a few tend to exclude themselves
from certain types of painting jobs.

So if you think your project involves
anything remotely out of the ‘usual’ painting projects (e.g., lead paint
remediation, exterior stucco, drywall repair), check to see if the painter
offers it.

2. Years
of Experience

The number of years a painter has been
in the industry doesn’t automatically indicate the quality to expect.

However, if the contractor has been
around for years and is generally accepted in the community with positive
reviews and feedback, you can count on them.

Experienced painters are more likely to
produce high-quality, durable, and efficient painting services. Five years of
painting experience is a good baseline.

Licensing and Insurance

Check that the contractor is dully
licensed to offer residential painting services in your area by the state.

A license means their training and
skills were verified, and they’re more likely to provide good quality results.
Both business insurance and worker’s compensation cover protects you against
additional charges.

In the unfortunate event of damage to
your property or injury to a painting crew member, you don’t have to incur any
extra costs.

4. Painter’s Local Reputation

You want to work with a reliable,
honest, and consistent painter that delivers on their promises.

The best way to check for a painter’s
reputation is by looking for ratings and reviews on platforms like Google My
Business and Better Business Bureau.

Also, look for feedback, complaints, and
any unresolved issues on their social media business pages.

If they have received a significantly
high number of low ratings and negative feedback, with lots of unresolved
issues, move one.

Painting Estimate

You will ideally need to filter through
your available options and choose the best 2-3 painters from your list.

Next, invite each painter to your home
separately, brief them about the project and request for a painting estimate.

A painting estimate should not miss
important details, including but not limited to;

• Name, address, and contact of the painter

• Project scope

• Prep process

• Products to be used (including
quantities and brand names)

• Project timelines

• Cost and payment terms

If the estimate is oversimplified or too
complicated to follow, request more details or clarification.

Avoid any painter who withholds crucial
information that you need to make a decision.

Also, don’t be tempted to pick the
cheapest contractor on the list automatically. Instead, work with a painter
that meets all your painting needs and offers the best value for your money.

Bottom Line

What we’ve discussed above may not be a
comprehensive list of things to look for, but if you get the above five right,
everything else tends to fall in place.

Choose a residential painting contractor
that is dully licensed and insured, experienced, reputable, and offers a
reasonably detailed painting estimate.

At Brush & Roll Painting, we treat
your home as our own, we show up on time and provide an estimate with all the
essential details you need to make the decision.

If you need reliable, durable, and
high-quality residential repainting services in Omaha, NE, our team at Brush
& Roll Painting can help.

To get started with us, book a FREE estimate below or call us on 402-932-9764 for more

Bill Carlson

Bill is the owner and operator of Brush & Roll Painting.