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7 Colors To Paint Your Exterior Stucco in Omaha, NE

7 Colors To Paint Your Exterior Stucco in Omaha, NE

7 Colors To Paint Your Exterior Stucco in Omaha, NE

When the exterior of your home is composed of stucco, your color choices may seem to be about the same as if your home were made of other materials, but this is not always the case.

Any given color is going to look a bit different when your home is made of stucco, so you have to think about how your choices will be impacted by the exterior material in question, which is stucco.

let us consider seven colors to paint your exterior stucco in Omaha, NE.

1. Brown

This might seem like quite an obvious choice as far as colors go when you are painting stucco, but this does not necessarily have to be the case.

Indeed, there are some shades of brown that are more suitable for stucco and others that are less so, and the important thing is to find one that works for you.

Of course it helps that stucco is an earth like material and brown is a color that is associated with the earth, so they tend to go well together.

2. Blue

When it comes to painting the exterior of your stucco home, you may not think to paint it blue as it is not exactly one that people associate with stucco.

However, it can be quite a good match with the material especially if you go with darker shades of blue.

There are all sorts of things that people can associate with the color blue when they see it on your stucco exterior, like the deep blues that can be seen in the ocean as well as the skies on a particularly cloudless day.

3. Black

This might be considered an oddball choice considering that you often will find the association with more natural things most often, and you'd be hard pressed in nature to find too many things that are both natural and attractive as it were.

It's not like you could point to the sky at night and say that the color of the sky inspires you, or the color of coal... although there certainly is nothing wrong with being inspired by either of these things.

You also have to really be careful if you should want to paint stucco black, as it may tend to get particularly hot -- especially if you live in warmer areas.

4. Tan

A more subdued color for you to choose for your stucco exterior is tan -- and it may not be that much of a stretch from the color of the stucco itself, depending on what kind of stucco you end up using.

One nice feature to using tan for your stucco exterior is that it is not all too far from how it comes, as it were -- and as such it looks a lot more natural than choosing to use a more bold color.

Of course, there is really nothing wrong with using bold colors -- it's just a matter of knowing how your stucco exterior will look.

5. White

A good choice for your stucco exterior, especially if you happen to live in a warmer area.

White is a good choice for these warmer areas because it is good for protecting your home from said heat.

White is reflective and because of this it is essentially a good way to keep your home cooler.

6. Grey

Another idea that you may want to entertain in terms of painting your home exterior is grey.

This is a good choice if you like the notion of painting your stucco exterior white but you don't quite want to go all the way there, grey might be a better choice for you.

Though some might suggest that grey is a dull choice for your home exterior, when it comes to stucco it can work out really well.

7. Pink

Lastly -- consider pink as a color for your stucco exterior.

This is of course best a color for those who already like the color pink, and don't mind that it will undoubtedly have quite an unnatural appearance.