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5 Reasons it's Time to Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets in Omaha, NE

5 Reasons it's Time to Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets in Omaha, NE

As home values continue to rise, you can rest assured that updates made to your kitchen are a wise investment. Whether you are considering selling down the road, or are planning to stay settled where you are, giving your kitchen cabinets a beautiful, durable finish will absolutely be worth your time and money.

here are five reasons to refinish your kitchen cabinets in Omaha, NE.

1. Time Has Not Been Kind

Over time, a stained finish will start to look dull and worn, as the cabinets take a beating from cleaning products, water, and the sun. Even if it hasn't been that long since your kitchen cabinets were painted or stained, they may have lost their original luster. Whether they were not finished with a high-quality product, or it has just been years since they were done, it will be important to have them refinished before further damage is done to the doors and bases.

2. So Much Golden Oak!

Golden oak cabinets and woodwork was popular for many years with home builders, partly because the materials were a less expensive option for buyers. If you are tired of that golden oak look and feel it is holding you back from having a bright, inviting kitchen, then it is definitely time to refinish your cabinets. You will be amazed at how the look and feel of your space will change!

3. They Are Not Your Style

Everyone has a different design style they are drawn to. Even if your existing finish is in great shape, you deserve to surround yourself with a cabinet color that makes you happy! If you love the look of wood, toning them to a different shade is a great option. Or maybe you love the idea of some color in your kitchen space. A very popular design is using one color paint or stain on the island, with another on the cabinets. There are endless options, and we really don't have a favorite, because they all end up beautiful! 

4. You Need to Fix a DIY Mishap or Poor Workmanship

More and more, this is the reason customers are calling Brush & Roll Painting to refinish their cabinets, woodwork, and interior painting. In our time of Do-It-Yourself television shows and tutorial videos, many homeowners bite off more than they can chew in home updates. We understand there is a great pride that comes with the accomplishment of a DIY project, but there are certain areas where hiring the professional is the wisest investment.

We spend hours preparing cabinets for the perfect finish. We have researched and tested products and tools that are specifically designed to give a lasting finish to cabinets and woodwork. That is why we can offer a warranty that no other painting company in Omaha can match. It is also the reason we won't be the cheapest option when you are getting estimates. The saying, "You get what you pay for," holds true when hiring a contractor to paint, stain or refinish your kitchen cabinets. Many local painters are trying their hand at cabinet painting, and while your kitchen may look beautiful when they are done, you will be very disappointed in a year or two when the finish begins to chip and fail. We urge you to do your research, and ask to see current photos of a kitchen they completed over two, five, even ten years ago. We have countless kitchens we can show you, and customers that keep trusting us with additional home painting and finishing projects. 

5. You Are Selling and Want a Higher List Price

When preparing to list your home for sale, it is wise to look for ways to increase the value of your home while investing as little as possible in the process. Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is a good way to get the listing price of your home up as buyers are thrilled to have one fewer improvement to make upon closing. In this cutthroat buyers market, you could also set yourself up for a bidding war!

If you need a professional to help you with your cabinet refinishing in Omaha, NE, our team at Brush & Roll Painting can help.

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