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What Kitchen Cabinet Colors Are Timeless in Omaha, NE?

What Kitchen Cabinet Colors Are Timeless in Omaha, NE?

Color trends are fun, and everyone looks forward to them each year or season. They're inspiring and can bring us out of our comfort zone. But if you want something that you know you'll never get sick of, it's best to stick to the classics or at least a shade you love and won't outgrow. Painting kitchen cabinets is an important update for your kitchen but it's still a commitment and investment. Choosing the best color for your space is crucial. 

Our team of color experts at Brush & Roll Painting rounded up some of the most timeless paint shades for kitchen cabinets. These paint colors vary from light kitchen cabinet colors to dark kitchen cabinet colors and suit any space size and interior design style. Read on to see what we chose as our top timeless kitchen cabinet colors. 

Brush & Roll Painting white kitchen cabinets

1. White

From cars to clothes, white is one of the most timeless colors around. White paint can be seen on the exterior of homes, front doors, and interior walls. White kitchen cabinets are becoming more of a trend, but we see white as a timeless paint color that will always be in style and go with any kitchen decor or furniture you pair it with. Try a shade like Benjamin Moore's Simply White.


Brush & Roll Painting navy blue cabinets

2. Navy blue

For dark kitchen cabinets that still add color and lightness to your space, try navy blue. Navy blue is fresh and unexpected without the intensity of black but still makes a chic statement. It pairs with white kitchen walls, gray kitchen walls, or any other neutral paint shade. A navy blue shade on the kitchen cabinets is a classic choice that's practical and also meshes well with all interior design styles and kitchen cabinetry hardware. We love Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.


Gray kitchen cabinets with yellow walls

3. gray

Another trending cabinet color that also stands the test of time is a beautiful shade of gray. Light gray cabinets and dark gray cabinets wow in all kitchens and look especially great in mid-century modern, transitional, modern, and farmhouse kitchens. Try something like Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore.


Two-tone black and white kitchen cabinets

4. Black & white

Name a more classic duo than black and white! It's an iconic pair for an assortment of things and always looks good. We love a two-tone kitchen cabinet look, and black and white is a natural choice for a variety of different styles. Black and white contrast beautifully and give your kitchen an on-trend oomph that stands the test of time. 


Black kitchen cabinets

5. Black

Are black kitchen cabinets timeless? Absolutely! Think about how your favorite black shirt or dress goes with anything. You'll notice that black kitchen cabinets don't look too intense, especially when paired with white walls and warm oak floors and accents. They can instantly give your kitchen an elegant transformation and look especially glamorous with brushed nickel and brass hardware finishes. On a practical note, black or other dark colors can mask minor scratches or dings that might show up easily on white or light kitchen cabinet colors. A popular black paint color is Benjamin Moore's Black.


Two-tone white and gray cabinets

6. White & Gray

Another dynamic duo is white and gray for kitchen cabinetry. The contrast isn't as bold as black and white, but it's still a subtle yet stylish option for two-tone kitchen cabinets. We love the clean, modern vibe of pairing two neutrals. Gray and white complement each other and add a little more intrigue than the two colors on their own. 


Greige kitchen cabinets

7. Greige

Greige took everyone by storm years ago and seems to keep retaining its popularity. By now, we would say with confidence that greige is a timeless color for kitchen cabinets and just about anything else. It's more intriguing than gray and beige, and a great in-between if you can't decide on a shade. One of the reasons greige is so popular and versatile is its ability to work with cool and warm tones alike. Interior designers and color experts love working with Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore.


Kitchen with dark stained cabinets

8. Stained 

Maybe you don't want to go the paint route with your kitchen cabinets—and that's totally fine! Some homeowners choose to paint their oak cabinets white because the oak can age and turn an orange shade that some don't like. But another option is staining a darker, more contemporary shade that livens up your kitchen. A dark stain on kitchen cabinets always looks good and gives your kitchen a more cozy vibe.


At Brush & Roll Painting, we know that home painting is a serious investment. We also believe any paint job is only as good as the prep. If you want a quality paint job that will stand the test of time, give us a call at (402) 932-9764 or schedule an estimate online.